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Brightkite and faircompanies founders talk about happiness

Given that we work from home and are substantially downshifted (i.e. we are very salary-light), when we socialize, we often do it by inviting people to join us for a meal in our work/home space.

Over the past year our mealtime conversations with expats, locals and visitors to our city have often strayed to the topic of happiness. After all, it- or the pursuit of it- is a big part of what drives so many of us (even those of us trying to find solutions for a more sustainable world).

So when Alan Seideman, co-founder of location-based social network Brightkite and fellow Barcelona resident (for the time being), came for lunch, we decided it was time to turn on the camera. In this video, entrepreneur-cum-consultant-cum-traveler Seideman and faircompanies founder Nicolás Boullosa talk happiness research, Buddhists, vegans, consumption, death, Slow Food and what makes them smile.