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Builds Quonset bunkers for a living. Lives in Dome Home in the woods

David builds underground Quonset huts, so when he saw a rundown Monolithic Dome for sale, he bought it and began rebuilding it into a custom home for himself. Built from steel-reinforced concrete with polyurethane foam insulation, the framework is disaster-proof and highly insulated (R-80).

Built to be entirely off-grid, with solar panels, batteries, and a propane washer/dryer, it is very affordable to heat during the wet and cold of the Pacific Northwest winter and stays cool even during summertime heat waves.

While the exterior was zombie-proof, the interior was mostly a blank canvas with a cement floor and a large open space. David designed a curving serpent wall to frame a round bedroom. Using 24-foot-long beams—the maximum length from a local mill—he set the room’s size and the exposed-wood bedroom ceiling and the floor of the office above it.

As an experienced carpenter, David works on his home at night and on weekends, so it’s a long-term build that he can tailor as he lives in it and finds new needs.

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