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Can a family of 5 find home where they park their campervan?

When Dan and Marlene started travelling with their Tab teardrop trailer they never expected it to become a full-time lifestyle for their now family of five. They began life on the road after their first child was born when they put their California home up for rent and bought an Airstream (They dubbed it Mali Mish: “Little Mouse” in Croatian).

Once the children were of school age they began homeschooling- at first through a charter program with their CA school district- and later they began creating their own curriculum using the national park service as their outdoor classroom.

When they grew tired of the hassle of towing, they traded in their Airstream for a 4-wheel-drive truck camper. Several years later when embarking on a European adventure, they traded in the truck for an empty Sprinter van which they renovated into a home during 30 days parked in front of Marlene’s parents’ home.

Dan and Marlene say they’ll continue living like this as long as everyone, kids included, are on board and they don’t feel fixed to traveling as an integral part of their identity. “People say we’re minimalists or we’re vanlifers or we’re overlanders. There are all of these different labels for different things. We don’t think of ourselves as anybody else but just a family that wants to be together and wants to go see places.” See their youtube channel for more videos.