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Chevy Volt at home: LinkedIn exec charges at 120V

It’s America’s most fuel efficient compact car (according to the EPA). It’s an EV, but it’s got a range of 379 miles. Well, technically it’s a hybrid, but unlike most hybrids, it’s nearly always powered by it’s electric motor (only when the battery nears nears depletion does the tiny 1.4-liter, 84-hp gasoline engine kick in).

Despite all the impressive statistics, the Chevy Volt has weathered critique. It’s too expensive. It’s not really an electric car…

Possibly both true, but the car is still a game changer, because it’s forcing its owners to really think about where their fuel comes from, every morning and every night.

Take LinkedIn executive (and our friend) Scott Roberts. His last car was a Prius. Now he’s one of California’s first thousand owners of a Volt. And unlike with a conventional hybrid, he has to plug in every night. And again every morning when he arrives at work.

In this video, we pull an EV overnight with the Volt and Scott. Since he was on vacation with his family, he charged at 120 volts rather than the 240V he normally pulls at home (10 hours instead of about 5 for a full recharge).

The next morning at the start of his 37.5 mile commute to work (the car has a 40 mile electric range), Scott shows us how even inside the car, there are plenty of nudges to keep you driving more efficiently.