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Commuter builds water bike to pedal across San Francisco Bay

When Judah Schiller heard that the bike lane on the Bay Bridge (connecting San Francisco and Oakland) was going to stop halfway across, he was challenged to find a solution. He lives in the town where mountain biking was invented (Mill Valley) so it seemed natural to try something new with a bicycle.

“Last September I made the first-ever bike ride across the San Francisco Bay. Back then I was using an old Italian Da-Vinci-esque flotation system that I attached a road bike to, which actually worked, but it was not a very good user experience. It had all sorts of inefficiencies and I said I’m going to make the best water bike in the world and that’s where this all started.”

Today Schiller is selling a water bike (the X1 for $6495) that combines bicycle technology with a bit of boat and even “hot rod motorcycle” design (propellers mounted on reaction arms to turn in unison) and he thinks it’s the next step for a planet of 2/3rds water.