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Converted toolshed as uncluttered tiny home on Oregon farm

Instead of building a big house on his Oregon farm, Brian Schulz has built, or renovated 5, tiny structures (see our video Off-grid, handcrafted life on Oregon farm workshop to see the spaces he shares with others, including a solar bathhouse).

When his 14-by-16-foot salvaged log home (see Zen forest house: handcrafted, 11K, small home in Oregon) started to feel too big, he renovated an old shed on the property, turning it into a tiny home for he and his fiancé.

There is no closet in the 8 by 10 space because Schulz believes closets just invite clutter. Instead he built a few open shelves for clothes and books and the couple uses the space under the bed for anything else (camping gear, dirty clothes).

“I just love this. Before I lived on an organic farm I lived in my truck with a surfboard and I traveled a lot. And I just got used to living out of tents and living in vans. I realize I like that lifestyle I feel weird having a big house, I feel comfortable in a small space. And I don’t see any reason for it, my house takes me 5 minutes to clean. And you can make something really beautiful when it’s small because you can afford it.”