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Convertible NY flat expands amid high ceilings & big windows

When Robert Garneau first saw the 400 square foot apartment in Midtown Manhattan, it was a cramped space painted bright green, but he saw potential in the 14-foot ceilings and soaring windows that were vestiges of the building’s past as the New York Theological Seminary.

Garneau stripped the studio down to its impressive bones and created custom transformable furniture to make the space serve multiple functions.

“The high ceilings permitted a sleeping loft above the kitchen while everyday sleeping is accommodated with a wall bed in the main space. The entire length of the apartment has sliding partitions allowing the kitchen, bathroom and foyer to be closed off from the main space creating a more intimate quiet area.”

A height adjustable table creates additional multi-functional surface and also expands to seat ten. The bathroom features a pivoting shower that folds away to create extra space.