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Couldn’t afford the city. They got Starter Homestead in Vermont

Taylor and Tatum were living in a “roach-infested box” in New York City when they found a home with 2.65 acres of land in Vermont where the $800/month mortgage would be half the price of their rent. It had been on the market for months so the price had dropped to $160,000 since “people aren’t that interested in a one-bedroom house,” explains Taylor.

Originally the neighbor’s garage, it was moved onto its own lot 50 years ago and had last been used as an office. Under the motto “gifted, thrifted or free” the couple began to turn it into a home, focusing on using what they could reuse and what was already installed (cabinets, curtains and a 1980s Jenn-Air stove).

With the arrival of their son, Rafael, they divided their bedroom with a heavy curtain to give him space for a bed and playroom, though this is just their starter home and they plan to one day take advantage of , but this is just a starter home. They are saving up to one day build their dream home on the land since the lot is permitted for more than one home.

In their 4 years on the property, they have been learning to garden and now grow all their vegetables during the summer months, and preserve what they can for winter. On their Full Joy Farm, they’ve also created a space to rent to tent campers for extra income. They hope to expand the micro business to book space for arts and events. Right now, Taylor uses a makeshift platform in the field to rehearse her modern dance routines.