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Country caravans as tiny, Bohemian shelters in rural France

Country caravans, or according to those at Roulotte de Campagne, “Bohemian-style caravans” are back in style. “There’s a fresh craze for these quaint mobile homes,” declare the designers.

Roulotte de Campagne has redesigned the circus caravan, country caravan or so-called gypsy caravan as a high-comfort way for city-dwellers to get away from it all and tap into their Bohemian spirit. “‘Roulotte’ gypsy caravans,” they say, “epitomize freedom and the great outdoors”.

They can be rented in 80 locations across France for about 70 to 95 euros per night or bought for 33,900 euros (this includes help marketing them as a B&B).

Caroline of Hôtel Chai de la Paleine added one to the grounds of her home/chateau/hotel in the medieval village of Puy-Notre-Dame (in the Loire-Anjou-Touraine regional park). She rents it by the night alongside her 3 Carré d’étoile cube shelters made by the same designers (who also created the tiny pod dwellings, Le Pod).

In this video, Caroline shows us inside her 10 ft by 26 ft country caravan that comes with a fully-plumbed bathroom, a kitchenette, heating stove and space to sleep 5 (master bed with privacy curtain, and 2 convertible couches).