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Debt-free boat tiny home for family of 3 on Portland island

Jane and Tony had lived on a sailboat when they were child-free and loved it, so when their landlord raised the rent on their 960-square-foot apartment by 19%, they decided they wanted to avoid payments and they started thinking about boats again. Though this time it would be with their 5-year-old daughter.

When they started looking at boats on craigslist they found a lot on offer. After looking at over 40 boats, they settled on a 43-foot Chris Craft Corinthian for just $14,000.

After the initial investment in their 46-year-old boat (it needed some work), they pay less than $400 per month in slip fees which includes the mooring, as well as electricity and water. They’re hooked up to the Internet and have cable tv. The only convenience they’re missing is a flush toilet (they use an electric one which has to be pumped out every month or so).

Jane and Tony say that their families don’t fully understand their choice to make a boat their home, but for the couple they wouldn’t feel right living any other way.