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Made to last: multi-purpose furniture adapts to use/age

“Real estate in cities has gotten so expensive that anybody who has a bit of a high ceiling is trying to use that height of the room,” explains designer Roberto Gil who creates custom furniture for his Casa Kids line out of a Brooklyn warehouse.

Gil studied architecture, but in 1992 began designing children’s chairs and soon launched into specialized loft and bunk beds, desks, storage units and custom rooms. His more recent prefab creation is the Urbano loft bed: an all-in-one unit for adults with a king-sized bed above a full office and murphy bed for overnight guests, plus interior and exterior closets.

One slim wall unit with standing desk, murphy bed (which Gil calls “tuck beds”) and storage only measure 15 inches so ““it doesn’t shrink the room so much.” All of Gil’s furniture is modular and can be easily disassembled and reassembled if the clients move or wish to resell.

Gil also tries to build structures that will last by avoiding too many fancy complications. “I like it simple and low tech because my experience in furniture the first thing that fails is the hardware. It’s not going to be the wood, it’s going to be any mechanism that you put is the first thing that fails.”