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Prototyping cardboard dwelling for off-grid Australian outback

When Link Knight saw the sturdy cardboard that came as packaging for his propane freezer, he began to wonder if it could be used for something bigger. Not content with making furniture, he decided to buy enough cardboard to build a self-sufficient home.

He spent $383 for 20 sheets of 40 millimeter honeycomb cardboard and set to work building walls, ceiling and furniture. He built a fold-down table, a range hood and vent and even a sink, entirely out of cardboard (in the end, the sink had a leak, but Link maintains that the concept would have worked had it not been for faulty recycled cardboard in a key position).

Knight built the house in his friend’s shed and then moved the completed structure (via truck, it cost him $50) to a spot on his off-grid property (see our video Off-grid self-reliance & survivalism in Australia’s outback). The tiny house has it’s own photovoltaic system and thanks to vigilant waterproofing, it has now withstood months of rain and hail and extreme heat and is still standing.