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DIY solar shower

A solar shower is one of the simplest ways of using the sun’s energy. It can be as simple as attaching a garden hose (that is left to sit in the sun) to a showerhead (as long as there’s a bit of gravity involved).

“Black Kettle”, now a resident of Bellevue, Idaho, recently built his own solar shower without buying much new. His materials list includes:

  • 150 feet of hose
  • an old steam boiler
  • pvc piping
  • a splitter for hot and cold
  • a sprinkler head with holes drilled out

In this video, Black Kettle shows us how he mixes the too hot water from the hose (105 degrees) with the warm water from the tank (75-80 degrees) and why he had to use a modified sprinkler head instead of a regular shower head.