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Mountaintop building was banned. Pulled off epic off-grid

On a California mountaintop with no access to power, David Latimer created a deconstructed home from two wee homes on wheels enclosing an outdoor bed, kitchen, and living room. In the balmy SoCal environment, this blurring of the lines between indoors and outdoors means capturing more space without pulling permits nor adding expense and it guarantees a constant connection to nature.

Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, with no formal design experience except for high school summers in construction, Latimer made a name for himself in Los Angeles working with actress Olivia Wilde and author Cornelia Funke (Inkheart series) designing unique tiny homes.

His work boasts signature flourishes like the all-glass full-wall garage doors and hidden under-the-kitchen sliding beds, but what truly sets his work apart is the strategic lighting. During the day the skylights, clerestory, and full-wall windows light up his spaces but at nightfall, the LED valance lighting transforms them into magical glow boxes.