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Experiments in tiny, communal living at former Paris hospital

On the grounds of an abandoned hospital in Paris, the cabin-makers of “Yes We Camp” have installed one-of-a-kind overnight shelters: a fishing cabin on stilts, an elevated CNC-cut nest, hexa-structures, cocoon on stilts with a view of the stars, a Polynesian-inspired, lime and straw shack, a charred wood hut, an urban lighthouse bunk room and a “pocket hostel” with pod rooms covered by curtains.

The idea is to offer limited private space at low prices: the individual bubble pod (The Sommeilleur) rents for just 18 euros per night. Everything else is shared; there are even communal showers, though the “roll-down” shower pods are more popular.

Les Grands Voisins (The Great Neighbors) is the larger project on the grounds of the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul Hospital, that includes the campsite, as well as artist residencies and longer-term shelter for those in need.

  • Frank Antonson

    If I am not mistaken, some of those huts were built from pallets. I find that here in the USA, on my farm, I can build a pallet hut 8 by 12 foot (96 square feet and therefore not taxes or “coded”) out of about 50 pallets and about $300 worth of rough sawn new lumber. Such a hut has an upstairs and could house a family of 4. To add a heating system and “equipped” kitchen within that space adds another $300 or so.