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Family builds 6 tiny homes for hotel on old Portland parking

After 7 years living in an RV, Pam and Bruce Westra wanted to continue tiny space exploration in their new hometown of Portland, Oregon. Partnering with fellow RVer, Allison Meyer, the couple began building tiny homes- alongside their son Kevin- to turn an old parking lot into a micro-living hotel.

They launched their Tiny Digs Hotel with many flavors of micro-shelter: the Barn, Cabin, Beach, Gypsy Wagon, Bamboo, and Modern (they recently added “The Arthur”, a caboose named after Pam’s train-obsessed grandfather).

  • Jennifer Negron

    I was watching the video on YouTube and was like I would love to see this concept of tiny home community being built just like the one in the video, I work at wdw Florida and I live about 35 mins from work this would be amazing!! To see a tiny home complex/ community, near the wdw parks cast members would rent a tiny home in a heart beat .. the most popular part would be in windermere Florida.. I love watching tiny home videos keep up the wonderful job you guys do ..

  • kirstendirksen

    I would agree Jennifer that there are many places where these communities make sense. They’re not for everyone, but at certain times in our lives (when single or in retirement, for example) they can be a nice fit. The sticky part is working with local planning commissions to get the right permits.