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Family flat augments with CNC elevated indoor cabin & stairs

When Amy and Marcus bought their London flat it felt big enough, then they had twins. Not wanting to move home, they decided to expand their home inward with a lofted nest above their living room.

They called on Alex Haw of Atmos Studio to design their “Room-in-a-Room”. Not wanting to create simply a raised boxed within the room (something a previous builder attempted), Haw designed a flowing structure that seems to grow up the wall.

The interlocking wooden pieces (mostly oak plywood and mdf) were cut by CNC and delivered in 14 sections that were assembled in a day. The result appears less functional and more sculptural- an organic work worthy of Gaudi- though the interior is completely utilitarian with enough built-ins (bed, desk, shelving) to give it a nautical feel.

The capsule room is now the couple’s bedroom and an office where Marcus works.