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Flour sack towels & 2 generations of a home business

Working from home is one way to avoid the commute. While telecommuters are one of the quickest growing segments of the workforce, there are also those who are skipping the commute by making their hobbies into a productive business.

Linda Rush of Eureka, CA has spent the past 25 years designing and producing flour sack towels (not actually from flour sacks, though her grandmother used to reuse them for dish towels and clothing) out of her home as a way to avoid a commute and to have the freedom to stay home with her children.

Today, the entire family is involved in the RushDesign company and her daughter, Annalisa, has taken over as general manager while raising her own son from home. In this video, the “downshifted” Rush family talks about working out of the house, as well as recycling remnants for dresses and aprons.