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Foldable cardboard stools & stretchable table maximize space

When Susana remodeled her small apartment she wanted a large space for entertaining, but she didn’t want a lofted bedroom nor a murphy bed.

With a “real” bedroom consuming a quarter of her 40-square-meter place, she relies on small tricks to transform her place for entertaining. In this video she shows us her sliding table that grows with a simple pull and click system.

For large dinner parties, she stretches her table with a simple slide and click, she uncovers hidden chairs in secret storage spots like under her storage bed and in her faux attic.

For cocktails in the living room, she pulls flat-packed cardboard stools out from under her couch to add seating or even extra table spaces.

* Thanks to Rubén Valenzuela- of design firm RVC Disseny and architect on the apartment’s remodel- for connecting us with Susana.