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Foraging for organic products in the Spanish countryside

Not so long ago we all lived in an organic world. Before the mass introduction of chemicals after World War II, our cleaning products, pesticides, herbicides and air fresheners were mostly based on what we, or companies, found in nature.

faircompanies’ grandmother, Candela, remembers when in her hometown of Cambroncino, Extremadura, Spain, the countryside provided everything they needed. For air freshener, they picked herbs like thyme and lavender or simply used the smell of quinces and apples left out to ripen. Bags of oregano and thyme could be found in the closets of any “good home” at that time. And to paint the houses they made their own paintbrushes from a local plant and used the original no-VOC paint, limestone.

In this video, iaia Candela takes us for a walk through her native countryside and shows us some of the organic goodies you can find there.