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Free range broody chickens: the biological clock of a hen

Jacqueline Kennedy of Geyserville (Sonoma County, California) raises free range chickens, but even all the wild grub they can eat isn’t enough to keep them happy all the time.

Occasionally her hens go broody. The reason: they want chicks. “They just have it in their brains that they want to be moms,” explains Kennedy, “so then I get day old chicks and sneak them under them. And in the morning she is like I told you I was going to have babies”.

Living with chickens has altered Kennedy’s relationship with her poultry. “They have an inner life and you know I do still eat meat and chicken but it’s good at least to know and I’m moving to being not as much of a carnivore.”

In this video, Kennedy shows us her free range birds, including her broody chicken with her new babies, and talks about the inner life of chickens.