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From derelict art déco homes to vivid old Mexico City venues

The team at ReUrbano (Reciclaje Urbano) are specialists in “urban recycling”, transforming abandoned Mexico City properties into mixed-use hotspots to help rebuild the center city.

Focused on historical neighborhoods like Colonia Roma and Condesa, they aim to bring density back to streets that flourished at the end of the 19th century, but waned in popularity before receiving crushing losses in the ‘85 earthquake.

On Havre Street in Colonia Juárez, once the city’s most exclusive neighborhood, ReUrbano (along with architects Francisco Pardo + Julio Amezcua) reshaped two formerly derelict 19th-century mansions into restaurants, a bakery, offices and a dozen light-filled apartments.

The renewal doesn’t just end at the property line, but spills into the street with a park-like atmosphere on the sidewalk complete with benches, trees and plenty of foot traffic.

  • David Jaime Ruiz

    Great video. Loved it since I know the place very well. I used to live in Mexico City.
    There’s only a very minor mistake in the translation. At the 7:12 mark, he says “a partir de este paño”, which roughly translates “from this wall”. The confusion is understandable since the word for bathroom is “baño”.

    Best regards,