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Full home unfolds in 1-hour, kitchen & bathroom included

The Boxabl Casita is a $49,000 home that begins as an easily-transportable 8-foot wide box and unfolds into 375-square-feet of living space.

In under an hour, it unfurls to reveal a kitchen with a refrigerator, double sink, oven and dishwasher and a bathroom with a shower/tub, sink, counter, mirror, and sliding glass door.

Father/son team Paolo and Galiano Tiramani have been prototyping the idea since 2017 and have recently moved into a 170,000-square-foot factory in order to mass-produce their “instant house”. Galiano explains, “Ford builds one F-150 every 53 seconds. We want to beat that.”

  • Mary J Franks

    So, can this be purchased now?

  • Diamond Shuey

    You’re talking about having interlocking steel walls on the outside what are you going to do about lightning conduction to prevent it from attracting lightning

  • Diamond Shuey

    And the other question I have for you is what are you going to do about areas with high quantities of rain with a flat roof to deal with water buildup

  • dragonfly58

    I’d like to see this stay at 50,000 and not bait and switch in the next 6 months

  • Terry

    I am a building contractor I could see pudding 50 of those together here in Rhode Island on some jefe grow lights for a first time home owners I’ll have to search out the land this is the best I’ve seen so far you guys did a great job

  • Lafayette Love

    Great job

  • Tania E.

    do you deliver overseas? south america perhaps….