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Handbuilt teardrop trailer: 60-square-ft DIY home on wheels

Kyle and Jeannie wanted to own their own home, but they weren’t sure where they wanted to live and they didn’t want to spend a lot. So they bought a used trailer ($600) and built themselves a 60-square-foot house on top.

With no building experience, they used the internet as their guide. One month- and a lot of sawing, sanding and shellacking- later they had their first home.

The most expensive part of it was their wood-burning stove, at $600 their Tiny Tot marine stove was about a third of the entire cost. Add $600 for the trailer and about another $1000 for lexan skylights ($100), hinges ($60), plus plywood, glue, paint and screws.

They were in a rush to beat out the cold Minnesota winter so they spent a bit more buying new materials instead of searching for them used. Plus they wanted quality so chose the more expensive oak rafters ($5/beam) instead of pine (50 cents/beam).

Besides the Tiny Tot stove and a copper sink, Kyle and Jeannie crafted all their furniture. Kyle harvested dead wood to create shelves and Jeannie knit, wove and macramed hanging shelves and closets.

In this video, Kyle and Jeannie chronicle the 7 months (October through April) from when they began the project last October through their first few months living in their Homemade Spaceship in the wilderness near Moab, Utah.

[Note: Jeannie and Kyle shot this video for us after seeing our request for submissions in the Tiny House Blog. We are still interested in talking to people who are in the process of building a tiny home and want to videotape the process.]

Update: those were the innocent days B.I. (Before Instagram,) of course.