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Apartment in-a-suitcase: tiny flat + 2 trunks of furniture

In 1996, Barcelona architects Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores were hired to convert an old community laundry into a penthouse. At just 27 square meters (290 square feet), the space was minimal; it was also just a temporary home for the clients.

Since the owners- residents of Mallorca- only planned to use the space a couple weekends per month, they were also asking that the space involve minimal work (for their previous Barcelona home, they had covered the furniture in blankets when they weren’t in town to protect them from dust).

Prats and Flores (in collaboration with the Mallorcan architectural firm Duch-Pizà) delivered their solution in the form of two suitcases. Their “Casa en una Maleta” (House in a Suitcase) consists of two big trunks in the center of the room which can be opened throughout the day to satisfy daily living needs. One trunk houses a kitchen, counter & stools, cupboard and guest bed (+ plus reading table). The other trunk houses his & hers closets, a master bed, reading lights & tables and all sorts of storage nooks.

In this video, Flores takes us through a day in the life in a House in a Suitcase where the furniture reflects your every move.