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How to create your precycle survival kit

It’s not news that we’re a disposable society, but we have it bad. As the Worldwatch Institute’s Gary Gardner explained to us “something like more than 80% of all materials that we use today are used once and then thrown away”. Given all the energy involved in “melting down” and remanufacturing plastics, glass and metals, we need to go beyond recycling.

Instead of bringing home all those single-use bottles, bags and takeout containers, consider precycling. Focus on the first two “Rs”- reduce and reuse- and avoid the third- recycle- when possible. This means removing yourself from junkmail lists, avoiding “disposables” like plastic razors and dishes, as well as products with excessive packaging.

One of the easiest ways to avoid collecting excess garbage is by bringing along a precycle kit. In this video, faircompanies Kirsten Dirksen shows you the basic goodies she keeps in her purse at all times.