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How to make your own yogurt… and avoid all those containers

One of the largest sources of plastic waste are food containers. If you eat a lot of dairy, you’re sure to have noticed the milk and yogurt containers piling up. There are a few dairies that reuse their glass bottles, like New York’s Ronnybrook Farms or Tasmania’s Elgaar Farm. But not all of us have access to this option, or would prefer to cut cost and food miles, and so have chosen a DIY alternative: homemade yogurt.

There are plenty of online recipes to make yogurt from milk and a starter culture. In this video, Sydney, Australia’s Emily Bowen makes it from a packaged mix which includes starter cultures and powered milk. Here she just adds water and waits out the night.

For more on fermenting your own yogurt (without a kit), check out our homemade yogurt DIY.