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Idaho goat herder rotates goats for alternative weed control

Tim Linquist grew up on a cattle ranch and expected to continue the family business. When his father was forced to sell the ranch, Linquist had to reinvent himself. Inspired by his experience during college using goats as weed eaters, he bought 25 does and began to rent them out for brush control (often for fire prevention or noxious weed removal).

Business took off fast among farmers, ranchers, public land managers, homeowners, and even golf club managers looking for an alternative to weed eaters, mowers, and chemicals. After only a year, Linquist bought 225 more does.

Today “We Rent Goats” is a family business. All summer, Tim, his wife Lynda and their 2 sons, follow the goats from fields to farms to overgrown backyards. Their territory includes Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Nevada. “Most of the summer we spend out away from home. We travel in a fifth wheel and we’re never home.”

Linquist doesn’t mind the itinerant lifestyle and spending so much time with his herd. “I mean I could sit out here and look at these goats all day… I love it, that’s why I do it.”