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Itsus Eco System Green: organic to the threads

Twelve years after starting his Itsus fashion label, Richard Brown has launched a new line, this time it’s totally chemical-free. “It all started with doing research and realizing that with just regular cotton, there was just too much pollution taking place as a by-product of it but I didn’t just want to do organic cotton. I wanted to make sure that the organic process was implemented at every stage of the manufacturing process. That took a little more time.”

The Itsus Eco System Green line goes all the way organic. The dyes used to color the fabrics and the inks used to silkscreen the products are certified organic. The threads used to sew the clothing are certified as being appropriate for an organic environment because they’re non-toxic and biodegradable. The knitting and the sewing are done in a contained environment so there’s no cross-contamination. The washing is done with organic approved softeners.

Even the packaging is in line with the clothing: tags printed on FSC paper and labels hand-silkscreened on organic fabric and attached through a buttonhole so there’s no plastic or no metal pins. Brown states that there’s “nothing in the products that don’t stay true to our organic roots”.

In this video, Brown shows us the “System Green” line and talks about the artists involved in designing styles inspired by nature and about how their commitment to the organic philosophy of “moderation & conservation” means avoiding trends and embracing long-life fashion.