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Komodo: eco-fashion with a acid house past

Joe Komodo’s interest in ethical fashion grew out of his days as a backpacker in the early eighties. “The Komodo story was really taking handicrafts and turning them into desirable items.”

Predating the whole “eco-fashion” movement, Komodo began in 1988 with the vibe of the Acid House Summer of Love as “a vehicle to spread good vibes and messages by using natural and eco-friendly fabrics, dyes, and traditional hand made local skills”.

More than 2 decades later, Komodo has moved on from the acid house style, but they haven’t changed their philosophy and they’re still working with many of the same family run factories in Bali and Kathmandu that they started out with. For Komodo, these long-term relationships are part of the definition of ‘sustainability’ and ‘fair business’.

In this video, Joe Komodo shows us some of his handcrafted pieces, his eco-fabrics like organic cotton and hemp and his anti-establishment t-shirts.