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Long & short stays in classic mobile homes at Oregon RV park

Going back to the 30s-40s, “mobile homes” began to excel when some small companies combined attention to detail with modern materials to fit the demand of recreation after WWII. A “vintage trailer” park in Oregon has restored some of these all-time classics.

The Vintages Trailer Resort is technically a street of classic mobile homes for overnight rental inside a longer-term RV park. Here you find not only Airstreams, but a 1947 Spartan Manor, a 1951 M-System Special Deluxe, a 1965 Boles Aero, a 1953 Vagabond M31, a 1958 Ideal, a 1958 Oasis and a 1965 Avion.

Here you can test drive a vintage caravan for a night or two. From convertible table beds to all-in-one toilet/showers, the tiny amenities of classic campers set a lifestyle, but we found the RV neighborhood itself – the bikeable streets and open-door community – is worth trying on for size.