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Med student turns small van into ideal dorm on wheels, $14K total

Ethan Liebross didn’t want to take out more loans for medical school so he decided to convert a 2015 Ford Transit into an off-grid home to live in for his four years of school.

With some help from his dad on the off grid system, Ethan worked 9-to-5 for two months to create a vehicle with the details of a modern home: butcher block countertops, custom-cut memory foam mattress, a gas range and a stainless steel sink with a pressure washer.

UCLA medical school sits in the pricey Westwood neighborhood of LA so most of Ethan’s classmates are paying $1800 a month rent for a studio. Ethan appreciates not having to take out more loans, but he also hopes that living this way will help make him a more compassionate doctor.