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Minimal tree tents, sky chairs, tree boats: learning by doing

Jodie helps run the Vertical Horizons treehouse resort and believes in getting into the canopy of the trees any chance you can. So in addition to managing three B&B treehouse cabins with her husband, she has also strung sky chairs and treeboats among the resorts taller trees.

The sky chairs are Jodie’s DIY hack of hanging chairs. “Those are just like some of those chairs that you can get them and hang on your deck or whatever, but I’ve restrung them with some accessory cords and they’re a little more strong and then they’re sky chairs.”

The tree boats are climbing hammocks described by their creators (New Tribe) as providing “living-room comfort out in the wilderness”. Jodie sees them as “stealth mode camping” – you can add tent tops -, a place to reach ALOFT (Animal Life Observation From Trees)-, and as a way to achieve therapeutic heights. “The trees have so much to offer everybody. And they even have the healing, like when you swim with the dolphins you get healing properties or whatever, the alpha waves or beta waves in your mind. They say in the trees, forty feet in the trees, you get the same effect.”