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MN couple turns grain silo into urban brewery, store & venue

Sandy and Jay Boss Febbo looked for a location to open their microbrewery. Seeking something within their self-financed budget, they approached architect Geoffrey Warner, known for his prefab designs (WeeHouse, LightHotel) who suggested a grain bin.

It was a perfect fit for the Boss Febbos who with their organic brews were dedicated to “land stewardship and farmworker health” and liked the idea of this very visible homage to the farm.

Using a 42-foot-round, prefabricated, corrugated-metal grain bin, Warner cut plenty of windows and used the grain entry point as a skylight so the 1300-square-foot structure reflects the light of the day like a sundial. By using multi-functional furniture, mostly on wheels and stackable, the couple find the small space large enough for brewing, packing, tasting and events. Located in an industrial zone of St Paul, the bin, with R-28 insulation, easily weathers the Minnesota winters.

Today, the Boss Febbos have quit their day jobs and run Bang Brewery full-time, taking the time to experiment with new grains, like Kemza, a perennial grain that causes less soil erosion and requires less maintenance and herbicides.