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MN friends seek joy of commuting by adding pedals to fast EV

Wanting to take more advantage of his long commutes, Ryan Anderson dreamed of a vehicle that he could pedal, but would be fast enough and safe enough for the highway. Then he discovered that someone just down the road from him near the Twin Cities (Minnesota) had already created a prototype for a highway legal EV with pedal power.

Rich Kronfeld, an avid bike commuter, wanted something for the icy Minnesota winters and that would allow for highway commutes, when he created the RAHT racer (Recharging Anthro-Hybrid Transport). With the look of a kayak (the alpha prototype was created at the We-no-nah Canoe Company), it weighs just 700 pounds.

Anderson joined the company as Chief Technology Officer and they’re currently at work on a beta prototype, though the bike already has a waiting list for pre-orders. The team hopes to create a bike that will reach speeds of 100mph, with a range between 50 and 75 miles per charge.