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Modern tiny home finds place between 2 converted alpine barns

Architect Enrico Scaramellini took a narrow void between two former stables in the Italian Alps and turned it into a tiny holiday home.

He named the skinny house Wardrobe in the Landscape, referring to the closet-like facade with its wooden shutters that open and close in a myriad of combinations.

Situated on a ski slope above the town of Madesimo, in winter, the 35-square-meter home is accessible only by snowmobile. Working to reflect the big view of the Andossi Alps, Scaramellini painted the wooden facade a light grey which allows the home to mimic the landscape: when in shadow, it almost disappears and in sunlight, it reflects the light.

With a budget of just 35 thousand euros, inside, Scaramellini created a cocoon of untreated larch: the walls, floor, ceiling are all the same material. The space is human-sized: large enough for a person to stretch out their arms and touch both walls.