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Montana accessory dwelling as writer's retreat & guest cabin

Crissie McMullan and her husband Jeremy Smith wanted more space for their Missoula home. The couple live with their daughter and college-student niece and often have out-of-town guests. Plus, Smith works from home and McMullan was planning to take a year off work to write a novel.

To make extra room for guests and a writing retreat, they hired designer Charles Finn to craft them a cabin out of recycled and reclaimed materials. 

McMullan spent a year writing from home, but today works full-time as director of a center for young mothers. The backyard cabin now serves as her refuge for early morning and weekend writing sessions, when it’s not being used as a guest unit.

“It’s just great to have this space to come home to… I think most of us are really rushed in our external world. There’s always something else that needs to be done. I am really happy that the power cord extends out here but our Internet doesn’t so I can’t check my email, I can’t get online so I’m really cut-off. I don’t bring my phone out here so when I’m out here, when I’m here I’m here.”