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Nautilus houseboat: German functionalism, golden ratio shape

The Nautilus houseboats are modeled on their namesake, the spiraled-shell mollusc, to fit seamlessly with the natural world. Nautilus Hauseboot owner/founder Andreas Hoffmann designed the craft when he couldn’t find the right houseboat for his family. As a trained carpenter and architect and sailor/windsurfer, he wanted to combine his passion for water and his professional skills.

The midcentury-modern-inspired floating home comes in two sizes- the Nautino mini (16m²) and the maxi (21.5m²)- and is prefabbed with a front of solid glass walls so nature is always in view. Even the 16m² (172 square foot) space can sleep 6 (a pop-up roof bedroom, plus one downstairs, as well as a double sofabed).

Measuring approximately 13.3 meters long (43.6 feet), the Nautilus features a convertible roof system that expands into the second bedroom, foldable gangways, and a foldable cabin for passage through narrow locks and low bridges.

Hoffman’s newest floating home the EiHome (“Ei” is German for egg) is an egg-shaped floating home with windows covering one side of the structure.