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Nmg: the hottest thing on 3 wheels

Within the world of electric vehicles (EV) exist subworlds of specialized craft, like NEVs (neighborhood EVs), ATEVs (all terrain EVs), PHEVs (plugin hybrid EVs). One EV subset gaining followers is that of the PEVs- personal electric vehicles- vehicles built for one.

Given that 80% of us commute to work alone and 60% of households have one car devoted to just one person’s daily travel, PEVs are growing in popularity. After all, why cart around extra seats if a single occupancy vehicle can buy you not only more battery range and acceleration for your money, but percs like motorcycle parking and use of HOV lanes.

In this video, Bryce Lathrop of Seattle’s Green Car Company squeezed his over-6-foot frame into a Myers Motors Nmg and took it for a spin.