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Nokia: eco-policy, not eco-phones

They don’t have an “eco-phone”, but an eco-ethic. Nokia has won eco-awards for their commitment to the environment- including the Outstanding Environmental Contribution at the 2009 World Mobile Conference-, but they don’t like to talk about one fancy model, instead they say it’s about 12 years of greening their entire product line (all of their devices are up to 80% recyclable and come with an efficient charger).

As the world’s leading mobile phone provider and the world’s fifth leading brand, their decisions make an impact. By moving to more compact packaging, in the first two years they saved several tons of paper, the equivalent of 12,000 trucks on the road, and 470 million euros ($668M).

In 2008, they helped launch- along with IBM, Pitney Bowes and Sony and in partnership with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)- the Eco-Patent Commons to encourage the sharing of “knowledge and technology that protect the environment” by making selected patented technology universely available.

In this video, we sit down with Nokia’s head of environmental affairs Kirsi Sormunen to talk about about chargers, phantom power, packaging, green apps and why no “sustainable phone”.