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Non-toxic, no-VOC paint for any wall (+ finishing plasters)

Michael G. Smith has spent the past couple of decades using natural materials to build all parts of a home, including the insulation, floors, plasters, and paints.

In this video, he takes us inside a community center in mid-construction where they’re testing different finished plaster mixes: different clay, sand, and fibers including “chopped straw, screened horse manure, paper pulp, flour paste, and some pigment”.

They are also testing natural clay-based paints which he claims are easy to mix yourself. It’s simply a mix of clay and natural non-toxic pigment like iron oxide or a Yellow ochre (aka ochre). They even use flour paste as a stabilizer. These DIY paints are no-VOC, non-toxic, inexpensive, and can be used on any surface.