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On demand EV motorcycle charging stations with iPhone app

Motorcycles and scooters are about twice as fuel efficient as cars, but the price for low fuel consumption: they are about 10 times more polluting per mile than a car.

So to improve air quality in a city like Barcelona- which often exceeds EU limits for air pollution- its 280,000 motorbikes are a good place to start.

The entrepreneurs behind Mobecpoint have already begun to lead the electric moto revolution. They’ve begun installing charging stations, which use use only renewable energy, throughout the city.

Mobecpoint stations aren’t just a collection of sockets, but a unique charging system that is both modular– charging stations can host from 6 to 25 EVs (both motorbikes and cars)– and able to interact with the user.

System software helps electric motorcycle and scooter owners locate the nearest plug-in spot via smartphone, reserve a spot and once their EV is charged up, it even notifies them with a message to their phone.

To further promote electric motorbikes, those at Mobecpoint have plans for a moto-sharing system. Similar toBarcelona’s very popular bikesharing scheme Bicing, the shared fleet would be set up at hotels and on university campuses,

In this video Mobecpoint’s General Director Jordi Ventura takes us for a ride on his electric Vectrix and shows us how to locate a station via iphone, how to use the smart system to plug-in, select charging time and unplug.

Ventura, who has logged about 8,000 kilometers on his electric bike, swears that this is the future of motorcycling. Not only does it help reduce urban air pollution, but these bikes are much nearly silent so don’t contribute to the noise pollution like their conventional cousins.

And for the user, they’re cheap to charge, clean- no exhaust, no smell on your clothes- and nearly maintenance free: “there are no oil changes, no checkups”, says Ventura, “just tires and tubes”.