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On life, work & leisure in Swedish tiny house allotment

Sweden’s first allotment gardens and summer cottages were established in 1895, much later than the dachas of Russia or the extra-urban gardens of the UK and Denmark, but the gardening/tiny cottage tradition is still evident outside any large city. The “members” (the land is leasehold) of each plot are allowed to build a tiny cottage or shed.

We visited a Koloniträdgård (allotments) outside of Gothenburg where members were allowed to build a shelter of up to 10 square meters (108 square feet). We talked to one family who “bought” their right to the small cottage and garden for 3,000 euros.

They use it as a place to garden, get out of the city (a 3 kilometer bike ride from their Gothenburg apartment) and as a place to spend the night (“camp out”) during the summer.