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Oskar de Kiefte’s wind turbine cars, whimsical homeboats & bikes

Oscar de Kiefte sees unfinished work where others see products. He’s reworked the conventional auto with his Wind Turbine Car, backwards Porsche, plastic Citroen, ShipShapedCar, Anti Radar Car, Square Car, Flat Car, Upside Down Car. His refashioning of the bicycle includes the Fat Tube Bike, Sheetmetal bike, Wind Turbine Bike, Intercity bike and the Fiat Bike.

He turned a vintage Vanagon into a camping car for his family of five (including a pop-out tent suspended from the trunk). Oskar converted two boats on the Vecht River in Utrecht- a 1927 tugboat and 1924 barge- into the family’s day-to-day living space (though they spend most of the time on the barge and rent out the tugboat by the night).