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Aboriginal Chef Mark Olive on cooking with indigenous foods

Muntrie berries and Tanami apples, Kutjera and Wattleseed: “this is the true cuisine of this country. It’s not a meat pie or a Fosters and it’s not a prawn on a barbie.” Australian Aboriginal chef Mark Olive has been using this food in his cooking for over twenty years, but he used to have to raid national parks to find it.

Now, he and the rest of the team from the Outback Café and Outback Pride project are helping to make indigenous food popular again and available in supermarkets. It’s produce that is helping to sustain indigenous communities throughout Australia who are growing and selling it through the Outback Café brand. The renaissance of bushfood also means a return to plants that are adapted to Australian climates, “like the bush tomato [which] doesn’t need much water, but it does need an arid climate”.

In this video, Melbourne-based Olive shows us some of the Outback Café sauces and spices and makes us a salad dressing with Sea Parsley, Wattleseed and Kutjera powder.