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People only saw old tires & poverty. He makes Slow Shoes from it 👞

Juliano Lima likes to bring things back to life. At home, his furniture is made from old pallets, scaffolding, and salvaged leather from the auto industry. At work, he turns old tires and vegetable-tanned leather into high-end shoes while simultaneously giving jobs to dozens of craftspeople in his home country of Brazil.

In the Cariris region of Eastern Brazil, Juliano found skilled artisans working in a centuries-old tradition tanning leather without heavy metals (like chrome) and crafting shoes in the town square.

He also found people like Mr. Zeca, who has been collecting old tires for forty years. He combined the two and began designing shoes of leather and recycled tires that could be 100% handmade in Brazil and sold in his stores in Barcelona and online (Caboclo).