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Potty diaries: quality time on the loo

During her first diaper-free summer, faircompanies’ baby Inés spent a lot of time with her potty training grandparents. From the moment grandma took off her diaper in June (age 16 months) until we left for our home in Barcelona in August (18 months), Inés spent many hours drawing, reading, talking and eating on the potty with her grandparents.

There was lots of reinforcing the concept of what she was doing- “you went pee pee”, “do you have to go poo poo”- and lots of little rewards (mostly cheese or a chocolate chip).

In this video, grandma Emily explains the 3 stages of potty training. Stage 1: understanding what you’re doing. Stage 2: starting to ask to do it. Stage 3: going on your own. While we didn’t quite make it to a solid stage 3 by the end of the summer, she made great progress and spent a lot of time with her doting grandparents.

We also have a video of Inés when grandma first took off her diaper at 16 months, as well as: tips from grandpa on pulling down her pants and on learning to use underwear.