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Potty diaries: waiting for baby

In our attempt to save on all that diaper waste- either hundreds of disposables or water for washing the cloth variety-, we decided to get our baby out of diapers before today’s average of about 2-and-a-half to 3-years-old. Given our lack of understanding of just exactly what it takes to train a toddler to do their business on the potty, we waited until we- and 16-month-old Inés- were headed home to grandma’s house for the summer.

In this video, potty training grandma Emily explains how it’s important to always have a potty handy, that how you need to be prepared for a lot of waiting (and some accidents) and when they do go- on the potty or on the floor- to remind them what they’ve done.

We also have videos of Inés starting the process at 16 months, tips from grandpa on pulling down her pants and another of her doing quality time on the loo.