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Railroad ties & wine barrels: using wood again and again

Looking for a hardwood floor, but don’t want to contribute to deforestation? Beyond bamboo or FSC-certified wood, there’s another option with a bit more history: reclaimed wood. “SmartWood Certification Systems estimates that reclaiming one million board feet of lumber preserves one thousand acres of old growth forest.”

Those at TerraMai claim that much of the wood they salvage would have been chipped, burned or wasted if it weren’t for their efforts to recycle from old homes, mills, railroad ties, wine barrels and any other aged timber they can get their hands on. Their reclaimed wood can now be found in projects from homes to offices across the U.S.

In this video, TerraMai co-founder Richard McFarland talks about reusing wood, sometimes two or three times, and how different things are now from when he started the company over a decade ago.