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128-sq-foot tiny house on wheels made from salvage

Jenine Alexander built her own home using reclaimed materials she found at the dump or off craigslist. Total cost: the price of a used trailer and some fasteners.

Her tiny home on wheels was such a success she decided to build a second one, this time for sale, with fellow tradeswoman Amy Hutto.

This time they purchased a few more things- namely, plywood-, but the idea was the same to built small, on wheels (to get around building codes) and with as much salvaged material as possible. The result: a 128-square-foot mobile home with passive solar design, bamboo flooring, reclaimed pine ceilings, denim-cotton insulation, reclaimed granite countertops and salvaged (but new) high efficiency doors and windows.

In this video, we check out the building process and then come back to talk to Forge Ahead Construction’s Amy and Jenine when their wee home is completed and up for sale.